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ENGINEERINGAlloson - Electricity

  • Studies, providing compliance, coordination of building sites, approvals
  • Transformation, renovation, repair and maintenance


  • All types of cabling
  • Indoors, outdoors, and decorative lighting
  • Home automation
  • Remote controls, alarm signal,…
  • Complete recognized installations

Aggregation Class 5, P 1 under-categorised Aggregation Class 3, P2, P3, S1 under-categorised This aggregation is registered under 26.964 by the contractors list. E.I.B.A. Home automation N°: 1581 BA4-BA5 High voltage N°: 26157


  • All domestic and industrial standard installations in low, medium and high voltage (low current and power).
  • Supply, installation, connections and maintenance of all electric equipments.